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Do or Die – The Complete Set!

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Do Or Die #1-10 (1993-2003, Brighton, England.)

A few years ago a friend asked me if I had a complete set of Do or Die, the British Earth First! publication that inspired and incited eco-warriors throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. At one time I did have them, but they had long since been stolen by a Joint Terrorism Task Force.

After a brief discussion, we decided that Do or Die was too important to fade into obscurity. We began tracking down each issue, and decided that while we were at it we ought to archive some other publications as well. That effort is how this web site began, and now, thanks to 56a infoshop of South London and Tim @ NEDS Northampton, we can finally share the very rare issue #2. This completes our collection, and our original mission as well.

When read as a set, Do or Die is a chronicle of people from across the globe counter-striking capitalism, ecocide, and the state. Each issue is better than the last, but more importantly, each page is a spark licking at the fuse of the bomb that is your heart. Once lit, you’ll know that these pages are not mere history, but a reminder that we can explode onto the world stage like the fighters before us have. Do or die, now is the time to rise.




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One-off publications

Animal Liberation Through Direct Action

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Animal Liberation Through Direct Action – (Date of publication unknown, likely 1998. Country of origin unknown, likely England)

Animal Liberation Through Direct Action was one of the better primers available in the 1990s. Designed for activists who had never before participated in illegal actions, the pamphlet discusses the basic security, surveillance, and planning necessary to carry out liberations and economic sabotage. It also includes a brief history of the movement, a first hand account of a mink farm raid, and statements from various ALF cells.


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One-off publications

The ALF Is Watching And There’s No Place To Hide

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The ALF Is Watching And There’s No Place To Hide – Zine / Album (1988 – Laguna Beach, CA)

This post was difficult to write, and several times I almost abandoned it. What was originally intended to be a short essay about the dangers of sub-culturization vs. the positives of spreading messages through music quickly became something else- a warning about bigotry and cult like behavior in the animals rights movement.

It all started when a friend told me he had tracked down a copy of the punk record that is the subject of this post, The ALF is Watching And There’s No Place To Hide. He sent over the audio tracks along with the zine insert. I knew little about the record, but something seemed familiar about label behind it: “No Masters Voice.” It didn’t take long to figure out that the imprint had been run by Sean Muttaqi, founder of the band Vegan Reich and originator of a dogmatically anti-gay, anti-abortion tendency within the animal rights movement known as Hardline.

I could write volumes about the right wing sectarian leanings that have cropped up in the movement over the years and am tempted to every time I encounter anything related to Vegan Reich. Instead, I’ll make it simple. In the 1980′s a friend of mine was being surveilled by the FBI, ATF, and private security companies. After an anarchist gathering that took place in Toronto, corporate spy group Perceptions International erroneously claimed that he had been seen attending workshops with Muttaqi. He wrote Sean a letter to give him a heads up about the situation. This is what he got in response:

“I can tell by the anarchist-pacifist-faggot symbol you signed your letter with that I will never become friends with you.”

So, in short, fuck Hardline and anyone who apologizes for it.

That said, there are some decent tracks on this record, including songs from bands like Chumbawamba, who are decidedly antithetical to the tenets of Hardline. The liner notes were written prior to Sean’s “Zen Shiite” nonsense and contain nothing about “deviant sexuality,” or a gun wielding vegan vanguard. Instead, essays about various forms of animal imprisonment and abuse are scattered among reprints from British ALF publications. Minus the link to a cult leader, this would be a decent record!

TALON is looking to occasionally archive animal liberation related themes in popular media and subcultures. If you have an obscurity along those lines, please contact us HERE.


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One-off publications

Sabotage : A Comic / Zine About The Fine Art Of Hunt Sabotage

02.15.14 | Permalink

Sabotage : A Comic / Zine About The Fine Art Of Hunt Sabotage (1992 – Cardiff, UK)

Produced by the Vale and Valleys Hunt Sabs, this short zine provides exactly what the title suggests. The interior has articles and comics from a wide cross section of saboteur subcultures, from crusties to older folks in white tennis shoes. The quality of the content is all over the map as well, but still makes for an interesting look at sabbing culture and technique in the early 1990s.


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Black Beast #2-3

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BLACK BEAST – Issues 2 & 3 (1985-1986, Oxford, UK)

Taking it’s name from the french term “bête noire,” Black Beast ran for 3 issues before changing it’s title to Turning Point.

Black Beast covered all aspects of animal liberation protest and resistance, from sign holding demonstrations, to lab raids, alongside investigations into various abuses of non-humans. It’s politics were pro-direct action, but anti-militarism, and editorials inside criticized groups like the Animal Rights Militia. Articles were published without bylines, and every aspect of the magazine was anonymous. This made it an attractive forum for groups like the Central Animal Liberation League, who sent in a first hand account of the infamous Park Farm raid at Oxford that freed 32 dogs. One issue even contains an interview with a pre-off-the-deep-end Gary Francione detailing his support for the Animal Liberation Front!

The magazine was well written, nicely produced, and also very rare! TALON is seeking a copy of issue #1. If you can share one with us, please contact us HERE.



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In loving memory of David Hayden

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On Friday, January 31st 2014, our movement lost a dedicated, gentle warrior by the name of David Hayden. It would be impossible to summarize all of the ways that he worked on behalf of animals, partly because there were so many ways, and partly because his humility kept us from knowing them all. Behind the scenes he was the primary driving force at No Compromise magazine, a brave frontline activist at demonstrations, and a man who, despite limited financial resources, always gave what he could to sanctuaries, conferences, and activist projects. I shared a jail cell with him on a few occasions, marched by his side on others, and loved him not just as a comrade in the struggle but as a generous friend who stood by me even when I didn’t always deserve it. His passing is a reminder that the best fighters are also the best people: kind hearted, soft spoken, humble, and ready to raise hell when injustice rears its ugly head. We will miss you, David, always.


One-off publications

The Animal Liberation Primer

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The Animal Liberation Primer (publishing date unknown, location likely the United States)

Containing material mostly culled from other similarly named primers, this is a short how-to guide for small scale property damage, arson*, and liberations. It contains a basic run down of security measures, mental preparation, and history of the Animal Liberation Front. Although it was surely a good resource in its time, its value as a primer has diminished with the advent of new security technologies, legislation, and state-surveillance. Anyone looking to undertake direct action would do well to find a modern source of instruction.

*The United States government fears a public empowered with the means to confront the excesses of their corporate masters, and as such has banned the distribution of literature containing instructions to build destructive devices. You can still purchase a shotgun at Walmart, or a bomb manual on Amazon, but we must censor all instructions here on our site. We apologize to our readers for the impact this has on the completeness of our archive.


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BUAV Liberator 1984

12.25.13 | Permalink

BUAV Liberator (1984. London, England)

As our holiday gift to you we present the complete 1984 volume of BUAV’s Liberator. This classic publication comes from an optimistic time in our movement when national non-profits were still working with radicals, articles about legislative efforts ran alongside tales of lab break ins, and the struggle for non-human liberation was growing by leaps and bounds. We love this newspaper, and hope that it reminds all of you in the trenches that we are strongest when we work together.




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The Earth First! Journal Really, Actually, Seriously Needs Your Support.

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From the Earth First! Newswire.

Ok, it’s time to get serious. We urgently need your help to keep the Earth First! Journal in print.

For 33 years the Journal has provided news and analysis from the front lines of the radical environmental movement, and although we now reach more readers than ever with the Earth First! Newswire—thousands of readers a day, sometimes hundreds of thousands—we are dedicated to keeping our magazine in print and distributed to activists, infoshops and prisoners around the world.

As of today we’ve raised $7,730 of our $30,000 goal. Click here to donate!

The Back to the Presses! fund raiser was started to raise enough money to print four issues of our magazine in 2014. As a supporter commented on our last fund raising post, if everyone who visits the Earth First! Newswire in a given day made a one dollar donation—or even better, a $5-$10 donation—we would already have far exceeded our $30,000 goal. If you appreciate this site—our collection of environmental news and coverage of actions; our original stories, interviews and reviews; our prisoner pages and informant tracking tools; our manuals, including the new Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual; our newsletters, which we distribute for free every three months; and of course, our print magazine, the Earth First! Journal—then please consider donating today.

Thanks to our recent Earth First! Film Fest, the still on-going Earth First! Journal Art Auction, and supporters and activists groups around the world, we have raised over $7,000 of our $30,000 goal. Each issue of the Journal costs $5,000-$8,000 to print and ship, so we’re still desperately in need of funds to reach our 4 issue goal for 2014.

How can you help?


Subscribe, or buy a gift subscription for a friend or prisoner!

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As always, a big thanks to all of our readers, our supporters, and to all the activists risking their necks to protect the wild! Without you we would not be able to keep on going, and would have no reason to!

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One-off publications

SHAC – A Campaign That Made History

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SHAC – A Campaign That Made History (2013 – Italy)

I am happy to see that new generations of activists are discussing the successes and failures of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign with an eye towards applying those lesson to the ongoing struggle for animal liberation. This attractive booklet was originally released in Italy under the name “SHAC: ha fatto storia” and focuses on the legal repression, past and present, experienced by those working to close Huntingdon Life Sciences. The english translation is not perfect, but makes for a good overview of the FBI’s “Operation Trailmix” in the US and INTERPOL’s “Operation Achilles” in Europe.

The collective that made this booklet has a blog at I would love to see them continue to dissect the international repression against SHAC and also support the victims of the same.


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