Trailer out now for The Animal People – The story of the SHAC 7

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Downloads back on, site maintenance imminent.

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Hey folks, after the site went into hiatus you may have noticed that our publications were no longer downloadable. The reader technology we use, Issuu, increased their price and have become less reliable as an option for long term digital archiving. We are working on moving to a new service, but in the meantime we will be making PDF downloads available for at least a month.

Site news & updates

Check out Leaflets of the Animal Rights Movement!

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I know that the hiatus over here at TALON has gotten ridiculous- it’s a long story!- BUT in the meantime other folks have been carrying on with some spectacular projects. One that we really love is LARM, Leaflets of the Animal Rights Movement!

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Audio / Music, One-off publications

Still Angry?

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Still Angry? The Compilation Tape and Fanzine: A Benefit for the Toronto ALFSG (1987, Toronto, Canada)

The Toronto ALFSG released many of the publications on this site and were one of the best sources of information on direct action for non-humans in the 1980s. In order to financially support their work, they released this cassette and zine compilation in 1987. After searching for it since the start of TALON, we finally found a copy just a few short months ago.

Hailing primarily from Europe, North America, and South Africa, the bands on this compilation run the gamut of punk sub-genres and fans of fast, loud music should find something they enjoy. The zine and liner notes are typical of their era- cut and paste style graphics, juvenile interviews, and plenty of righteous frustration with law and order.

Due to a file error, we currently only have Side A of the cassette digitized. Please accept our apologies, we will post the full cassette soon.


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Reinventing Animal Liberation: Towards a Popular Militancy for Non-Humans.

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While TALON co-founder Josh Harper has been in Europe finding publications for the site, he has also been speaking to audiences about his analysis of our movement’s history and future. His speech in Malmö was filmed and seems to be resonating with animal rights activists around the world. Give it a watch!

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An explanation for the lack of recent posts!

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Hi friends! We’ve been a little quiet over here lately at TALON HQ, but not because we’ve lost the will to seek world domination through our ZINESTORM Master Plan. The truth is that we rely on donations of publications to keep our posts coming, and we’ve been experiencing a dwindling number of things to scan in the last few months. Luckily the mysterious Elephant Head has sent Jackal Minions abroad looking for mythical caches of rare and interesting historical documents for the site, and now the Hippo Commander is setting sail for the shores of Europe to retrieve them.

In other words, Josh is going on a speaking tour for a month, and when he gets back we should have more zines to scan, more posts for the site, and plenty of interesting tidbits for all of you who follow us. Forgive the delays, we promise that work is always going on behind the scenes to expand the archive. And if you live near Luxembourg, Malmo, Vienna, Berlin, or Marseilles you should go see Josh speak! More info at


Animosity #3

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Animosity #3 (1984, Stafforshire, England)

We rarely post a single issue of a periodical to TALON, preferring instead to post an entire year or run so that readers can watch as stories develop and politics evolve within a publication. In this instance we are making an exception. For the last several years we have tried, without luck, to track down further issues of Animosity- a publication of the Keele University Animal Rights Group. Our hope is that one of our readers might help us to obtain the rest of this student-militant zine.

Animosity appears to have been written largely by anarchists with an insider’s knowledge of the animal liberation movement, and broad, anti-capitalist politics. If anyone can help us to discover the authors or more issues of this intriguing publication, please contact us HERE.

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The Hunt and the Anti-Hunt

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The Hunt and the Anti-Hunt (1982, London, England)

“It is not difficult to understand why animals are treated so indifferently in a society where the powerful minority holds the majority in similar contempt.” Philip Windeatt


Grounded firmly in a traditional British left-socialist critique, The Hunt and the Anti-Hunt is Philip Windeatt’s classic treatise on opposition to bloodsports. Written shortly after the author worked as a researcher on The Animals Film, each page drips with anger at both the act of sport hunting and the economic class that perpetuates it.

Anyone seeking a better understanding of the history of the animal liberation movement would do well to read this short book. Tracing bloodsports back to the domestication of canines for hunting purposes, the book continues by describing the founding of early animal welfare societies and the eventual emergence of the Hunt Saboteurs Association and Animal Liberation Front. Along the way expect a refreshing analysis of the pillaging of public lands, human alienation from wilderness, corporate governance, and many other subjects that were too often missing from the animal lib literature of the 1980s.

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TALON co-founder Josh Harper’s Collective Liberation 2015 speech.

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Josh recently spoke at California State University Long Beach, and delivered this speech that contained a few mentions of historical tidbits on this very website. Give it a view!

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Bite Back (U.K.) #1&2

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Bite Back – Issues 1-2 (1999, Bristol, England)

One of at least four publications to share the same moniker, this version of Bite Back came into being at the turn of the century. Glossy, full magazine sized, and free, Bite Back was a wonderful tool for reporting on the exciting campaigns of its era. Anyone interested in pressure campaigning will enjoy the brief articles, updates, and images from Hillgrove, Shamrock, Regal Rabbits, and Huntingdon Death Sciences.

We have very little information about this publication and do not know if there were subsequent issues. If you have more information please contact us HERE.


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