TALON Conspirator #2: Resistance Ecology


Editors note: Since this site’s inception, the volunteers at TALON have felt that our purpose  is not to catalog the past, but to inform the present. We do not exist as activist nostalgia, but to guide new generations by sharing information about the errors and victories of those who came before them. Our hope was always that modern campaigns would be built with these lessons, and that we could share their own errors and victories as a long term effort to refine our movement’s tactics and strategies.
The TALON Conspirator posts will highlight our favorite organizations and the facets of our shared history that inspire them. Our second post in this series is written by the Resistance Ecology collective and details Portland, Oregon’s latest contribution to the earth and animal liberation movements: their new publication.

Resistance Ecology is an organization based in Portland, OR. We want to
build a movement for animal and ecological liberation and resistance
that is multi-layered, unified, diverse and intersectional. Animal
liberation and radical ecology do not need to be isolated, disparate,
ahistorical, and fragmented movements. They can and must become part of
the language and dialogue of social justice. We consider ourselves
allies to a broad spectrum of social and political struggle. We focus on
education and analysis, networking and resource sharing, opening and
maintaining channels of communication, identifying strategic
movement-wide targets and campaigns, and most importantly sustaining
relationships within and between movements. Currently, Resistance
Ecology is working on a movement publication, organizing an annual
national conference
, creating a news website, and planning organizing
tours to lay the foundation for future networking.

The first issue of our publication serves as a “teaser”, preliminary
copy. Because we do not yet have the readership or reach that we hope to
have in the near future, we wanted to create something that gives a
glimpse of what Resistance Ecology has the potential to be, with your
participation. This issue is a short collection of essays and analysis
that captures the spirit of our work, but it is by no means a complete
work. We need your contributions, your action reports, your insights,
your critiques, and your ideas to get this project off of the ground.
Our publication project was created in the spirit of the movement
periodicals No Compromise, Earth First! Journal, Resistance, Do or Die,
Arkangel, the SHAC USA Newsletter, Species Traitor, and 2600. We want
to capture movement-wide participation, inter-movement appreciation and
respect, self-critique, reports from the trenches, news, analysis, and
most importantly, dialogue. Like during the initial issues of No
Compromise, our movement is at a pivotal and vulnerable moment, and like
No Compromise, we want Resistance Ecology to serve as a means of
connection, hope, and a creative future.

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