Submit Materials to TALON

Greetings, minions of TALON!

As a JACKAL level operative in the TALON worldwide zine scanning conspiracy you may be wondering how best to contribute to the rise of the ZINESTORM.

Proper instructions coming soon on how to scan from home!  Check out our wanted list in the mean time.

If you prefer to mail us your old radical AR/environmental publications,  contact us HERE. A HIPPO or GORILLA level operative will contact you with instructions. Inform us if your publications are donations or loans.

And, on a more serious note…

Due to the fragility of the media on which this site’s publications were originally printed, low print runs, and activist turnover, the history of our movement is disappearing at a disturbing pace. Over the years, many activists have also seen their libraries confiscated by law enforcement, never to be returned. By creating quality digital versions of the movement’s history as told through its publications, and distributing them freely around the world, it will no longer be possible for these stories to fade into obscurity. Everyone has a few old things sitting in a box in their basement. It’s time we put all the pieces together and started sharing.