Q: What is The TALON Conspiracy?

A: TALON is the Totally Awesome Liberation Organization (No Way!) 

Q: Uh, Alright, so what is this project all about?

A: TALON preserves the history of the militant animal and earth liberation movements as told by the participants in those struggles. We do this by collecting various newsletters, magazines, and other items, and making them available for free on the website. We also report on issues of concern to animal and earth liberationists. HAIL TALON!!!

Q: Can I print and distribute the stuff I find on here?

A: You sure can, minion! TALON High Command just asks that you include a mention of the site somewhere in each item you print. The most important thing, however, is that these publications don’t fade into obscurity.

Q: So, all of this TALON stuff is a joke, right?

A: A while ago a small group of friends thought it might be funny to make the FBI investigate an organization that did not exist. TALON was incorporated as a legal entity because we thought it would be hilarious that a file somewhere would be set up about the Hippo Commander or Jackal Minions. You would think that admitting as much here would prevent such a thing from happening, but you’d probably be wrong. TAAAAAAALOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!