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Underground #1-3


Underground # 1-3 (1994-1995. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.)

Underground was published by the North American Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group and was essentially a continuation of the old Canada ALFSG publication, Combat. Because the NAALFSG went through constant staff changes, police raids, and office burglaries, the magazine often went long stretches between installments, but the first year managed to produce three long, enjoyable issues .

The early editions of this magazine were the most essential, as the quality lagged by the end of its run. Articles with practical advice on everything from handling grand jury subpoenas to sabotaging steel jaw leg hold traps appeared during this era, and the tone of the magazine was measured and reasonable. Commentary on how targeting of actions should account for political repercussions and avoid unintended racist and classist undertones showed a maturity seldom seen in other movement papers at the time.

Of historical importance is the coverage of grand juries in the 90s, early attempts at organizing AR activists on the internet, the frequent and ignored violence against animals activists, and the death of Jill Phipps during the campaign against live exports. Young activists would do well to read these issues, as the time period covered spans the gap between the end of Out of the Cages, Militant Vegan, Dressed in Black, and the start of No Compromise.

On a final, sad note, much of the best content for Underground was written by, or about, Canadian activist Darren Thurston. Darren was an inspiration to the movement, and participated in a number of high profile actions that earned him jail time and constant surveillance. After years of fighting bravely for animal liberation, Darren unexpectedly became a government informant and stopped being vegan during his last sentence in federal prison. The staff of Conflict Gypsy would like to assert that publication of his old articles is for archival purposes and should not be seen as forgiveness or support for his treacherous actions.

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