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Bite Back #6-10


Bite Back #6-10 (2004 – 2006. West Palm Beach, Florida.)

Our continuing posting of Bite Back Magazine carries on with this new introduction by Bite Back editor Nick Atwood:

“Issues 6-10 of Bite Back magazine were published between July 2004 and February 2006. It was a busy couple of years, for the animal rights movement and for the magazine.

Issue #8 was the first of Bite Back’s expanded format. The magazine jumped from 16 to 36 pages, and added full-color covers. Also beginning with #8, the magazine was no longer mailed out free-of-charge. The growth of the mailing list forced Bite Back to begin charging for the magazine.

In issue #7, Bite Back marked the return of the lab raid to the USA, when 401 animals were liberated from the University of Iowa. #8 features a “How It Was Done” story of the rescue of a dog from a laboratory in Tokyo, the first and so-far only such action in Japan. Issue #10 celebrated the closure of the infamous Newchurch guinea pig farm.

There’s other good stuff in these issues: interviews with Keith Mann and Mel Broughton, Bite Back’s “Top Ten List” of ALF arsons (issue #7), and popular features such as “When Animals Bite Back,” which was a collection of news reports of hunting accidents, bulls goring matadors, farmers eaten by pigs, etc. — examples of “violence” that all activists could get on board with!

But it was not all fun and liberations. Issues 6-10 include the prison addresses of some 20 different activists around the world, and the five issues were bookends to the SHAC7 criminal case– from indictment in May 2004 to conviction in March 2006.”

We hope you enjoy the magazines. (Hard copies of issues 7 and 8 are still available from Bite Back for $2 each.)

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