The Bunny Alliance Announces Gateway to Hell Tour



 The Bunny Alliance will embark on the Gateway to Hell Tour this holiday travel season to demand that Delta Air Lines end its support of animal research and help stop the transport of animal to laboratories.

 On December 26th, the founders of The Bunny Alliance will set out on a nationwide tour to hold Delta Air Lines accountable for its role in the vivisection industry. During this Gateway to Hell Tour, The Bunny Alliance will coordinate demonstrations at every Delta U.S. airport hub and at the Delta Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, as well as organize activist trainings for each tour stop.

The Bunny Alliance is targeting Delta Air Lines because it is in a strategic partnership with Air France and is its North America representative—and Air France is one of the last commercial airlines to continue the practice of shipping animals to labs. The campaign against Delta is to demand that they force Air France to place a permanent ban on the transportation of all animals being shipped to vivisection labs across the world.

The tour demonstrations will call on Delta Air Lines to stop Air France’s transport of animals to labs, garner media attention about the role of the airlines in vivisection, and educate holiday travelers about the animal cruelty that Delta supports. Additionally, the trainings at each tour stop will teach local activists about the campaign and how they can be involved. The trainings will also include “know your rights” and other activism tips, as well as information about how to act as a legal observer and deal with law enforcement at demonstrations to keep activists safe.

The Gateway to Hell Tour is being organized by the co-founders of The Bunny Alliance, Amanda Schemkes and Jordan Ezell. Amanda and Jordan have both been involved in the animal liberation movement for several years and have extensive experience with activism tours and anti-vivisection campaigns.

The Bunny Alliance is asking for the support of the greater activism community to help make the Gateway to Hell Tour a success. People can learn more about the tour and make a donation at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-bunny-alliance-gateway-to-hell-tour. The Bunny Alliance also asks people to watch for additional tour information to be released and to get involved in the tour and broader campaign against Delta Air Lines. Visit http://thebunnyalliance.com/ and email thebunnyalliance@riseup.net.

Tour Schedule

December 27: Demonstration at Salt Lake City International Airport and Activism Workshop

December 29: Demonstration at Denver International Airport and Activism Workshop

December 31: Demonstration at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and Activism Workshop

January 1: Demonstration at O’Hare International Airport and Activism Workshop

January 2: Demonstration at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

January 3: Demonstration at Detroit Metropolitan Airport

January 5: Demonstrations at John F. Kennedy International Airport & LaGuardia Airport and Activism Workshop

January 6: Demonstration at the New York Stock Exchange

January 7: Demonstration at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Activism Workshop

January 8: Demonstration at Delta Headquarters

January 11: Demonstration at Los Angeles International Airport


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The Bunny Alliance is a grassroots organization dedicated to working for the liberation of all.